Exploring Santa Fe’s Multi-Family Market: Unveiling Insights into the Commercial Real Estate Landscape

As we reflect on the dynamics of the commercial real estate market in 2023, it’s evident that various factors have shaped the landscape, presenting both challenges and opportunities for investors and stakeholders. One notable trend was the decline in total sales transactions, plummeting from 32 to 10 throughout the year. This shift highlights the influence of a variety of factors … Read More

Navigating the Changing Tides: A Snapshot of Albuquerque’s Multi-Family Market

In the evolving landscape of Albuquerque’s real estate market, staying ahead of trends is crucial for commercial real estate investors. As we delve into the latest data, it’s evident that the multi-family sector is experiencing a shift, presenting both challenges and opportunities for investors and property managers across the board. One of the key observations is the decline in apartment … Read More

Unveiling Albuquerque’s Retail Real Estate Resilience: A Comprehensive Analysis

Albuquerque’s retail market continues to exude strength, shown by a low vacancy rate andrestrained new construction. This market strength is supported by a resilient consumer base,providing a solid foundation for sustained growth and stability in the market. Despite the overall strength, the market faced a temporary setback with negative absorption inthe trailing 12 months. The closure of a major retailer, … Read More

Unveiling the Industrial Surge: A Comprehensive Insight into Santa Fe’s Thriving Real Estate Market

This supply-demand imbalance led to record-setting prices for industrial property sales, with rents following suit; rents steadily climbed and ranged from $13.00 to $15.00 per square foot for new leases in 2023. In the dynamic landscape of Santa Fe’s industrial real estate market, the trend of diminishing inventory persisted throughout 2023, while the demand for available space showed no signs … Read More

Albuquerque Industrial Real Estate Market Update: Stability and Growth

The Albuquerque industrial real estate market offers a compelling blend of stability and growth opportunities. With limited supply and higher demand, investors have the chance to capitalize on the market’s resilience and potential for sustained growth. In the Albuquerque industrial real estate market, stability reigns supreme amidst a landscape characterized by limited supply and continuing demand. Over the past decade, … Read More

Unlocking Investment Potential: A Look into Santa Fe’s Office Market in 2023

Office Building in Santa Fe, NM

In the heart of New Mexico lies Santa Fe, a city rich in culture and history, but also ripe withinvestment opportunities in its commercial real estate sector, particularly in the office market. Aswe delve into the dynamics of Santa Fe’s office market in the year 2023, it becomes evident thatthere are promising prospects for investors looking to capitalize on the … Read More

Deciphering Albuquerque’s Office Market: A Year-End Analysis of Shifting Trends

Office Builsin

Albuquerque’s office market stands as a testament to resilience, anchored by the pillars of federal government, education, and health services. With significant tenancy from state and city governments, as well as contractors for the Department of Energy labs, the city’s office sector has maintained stable vacancy rates despite national trends. Over the past decade, limited construction coupled with consistent demand … Read More

Navigating the Shifting Office Market Landscape: Insights from Q3 2023

The office market has experienced a notable shift as of the third quarter of 2023. Across the nation, there has been an upward trend in vacancy rates, with the U.S. seeing an increase to 16.1%, a significant rise from the 12% vacancy reported at the end of 2019. In Albuquerque, the office market has remained relatively stable in terms of … Read More

Do you know what were the Top 5 Office Leases in Albuquerque in 2022?

Real Estate Advisors are the experts in the Albuquerque office market and report on the latest local real estate trends in New Mexico. In the summer of 2022, the Albuquerque office sector was holding its collective breath as hundreds of thousands of square feet of back-office space had come on the market for lease or sublease. Almost 500,000 square feet … Read More