The LoopNet Roundtable: 7 Experts Weigh In on the State of the Office Market

Insights From Brokers, Researchers and Consultants on How the Sector Is Evolving

What’s up with office? For the past 24 months, it’s sometimes felt as if that’s all anyone in commercial real estate is talking about.

According to CoStar —the parent company of LoopNet — there are just over 760,000 office buildings in the United States, encompassing 13.3 billion square feet.

That’s a lot of space. And with the entrenched reality of work from home intersecting with an increasingly desperate housing shortage that could open the door to potential conversions, what is to become of the office sector?

To help answer that question, LoopNet assembled a veritable brain trust of commercial real estate professionals from some of the industry’s leading firms. With decades of experience, these individuals have a diverse range of specialties — brokerage, research and consulting expertise — and hail from markets across the country, from Albuquerque, New Mexico to New York City…

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