Patricia Horsman

Patricia Horsman is an Executive Assistant / Director of Operations with REAL ESTATE ADVISORS bringing 20 years of commercial real estate market knowledge to the table. She works directly with our Qualifying Brokers and team members on a daily basis to ensure each project runs smoothly and on schedule.

Patricia is involved with researching, creating, and updating the marketing information for our commercial real estate listings. Her expertise in this area leads to well prepared marketing materials for each REAL ESTATE ADVISORS property.

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Experience & Acheivements

With extensive experience in Real Estate Marketing, Patricia is adept at creating, scheduling, and coordinating marketing materials, including research, writing and editing the information for property brochure, websites, and offering memoranda. She brings over 20 years of market knowledge and experience to every project.

  • New Mexico Real Estate Licensee
  • NM Notary